Why Profilo?

A Profilo is fresh, innovative, sustainable and safe. It's a way for you to effortlessly nurture relationships, build efficiency into your business processes and drive traffic to your company's digital channels. Sparsh Profilo drives & strengthens business connection in a digital world.

Sparsh Profilo is a powerful tool of today's world for the transformation of the business connects through various mediums and for various purposes.

Sparsh Profilo has a lot of features and advantages over the traditional visiting cards / business cards / Digital business cards. It is very handy tool which circulates any important information / business information to the desired customer. It is a kind of mini website.

So let's understand why PROFILO is different from others

Business Needs Traditional
Visiting Card
Visiting Card
Personal and Business Theme
Personalised and Business Sticker
Creative & Expressive Appearance
Multiple Home Screens
Easy to use
Easy Sharing
Easy Accessible
Self Editable
Advance Widget
All Card Single Wallet
Network Locator
Auto Response
Customized Links Connectivity
Affordable Recurring Charges
Cost Effectiveness
Single Point Communication Details
Multiple Calling Numbers
Multiple SMS Numbers
Multiple WhatsApp Numbers
Multiple Email IDs
Organized Business Information
Pictorial Presentation of Business
Audio-Visual Business Presentation
Multiple Brochures & Catalogue Connectivity
Easy Lead Generator
Esteemed Client Gallery
Banking Details
GST Details
Google Navigation
Easy Template for Creation
Payment Gateway Connectivity
Rewards Information
Certificates Information
Memberships Information
Associations Information
QR Sharer
Business Reach Calculator

Generates Credibility