Pick Your Profile Pic

Every individual has his own choice and when it comes to Profilo we expect it to be users own reflection and considering It we have glven an option of picking your own image or any image presenting your business as profile image or any image from internet where you will get plenty of options to make his / her perfect Profilo.

Choose Your Sticker

In whatever business you are to make your Profilo express your mind to the user, there is an option of choosing between various creative and expressive stickers which add powerto your image in different styles.

Profilo Holder's Name

This is the digital identity and image of yours and when it is named after you....it becomes more human because this is not just a Profile; this is what you are.


Your qualification says a lot about you and it opens the new doors off opportunities when somebody gets your Profllo with your qualification: SO to enhance the value and for your true presentation it is a nice addition.


To make people know and understand about you quickly just mention the designation it works a lot.

Click to Call

Increased communication means increased business opportunities. Profilo comes with the CLICK TO CALL option that enables prospective customers and people to make a call to you on 1 or more (3) numbers instantly. It's a business opportunity through which your customers can easily reach you?

Click to SMS

They can text you. Without saving your number! Yup! Recipients can tap "Click to text message" feature on your Profiloand they can initiate a chat with you.

Click to Whats App

Whats app is very comfortable and convenient medium for everyone to communicate and we made it easier for you by putting it under single click to connect.

Click to Email

Writing and sending an email is more professional way to communicate and exchange of information. Your Sparsh Profiloallows your clients and associates to seek details about products and services via electronic mails, through just a click where you can mention any 5 mail addresses of yours.

Click to Website

This is very good feature which allows your customer to get more information about your product and services which you have already mentioned on your website. Through PROFILO they can connect you by clicking this click to website feature.

Navigation to your Business Location

Now a day everybody is looking for easy and accessible ways to reach you and CLICK TO NAVIGATE is very interesting feature that allows prospects to reach at your doorstep very easily.

Click to action other Office contacts

Every time it is not possible for you to communicate with people and even the people intended to contact you may also need your alternative numbers like your office landline and mobile number keeping this in mind we make it easy to mention other official contact numbers.

About Business

Sparsh Profilois a great opportunity for branding of your business and to build its smart identity by describing about your business. A user can highlight his business’s brand identity by uploading his business logo also.

About Product and Services

This feature Builds Smart Identity of your products for the prospectus in Your absence. It is the perfect way to impress prospects with your product and services details.

Editable Image Gallery

We know it very well that an image speaks a thousand words and the same does the Sparsh Profilo Editable image gallery where you can add and remove the images of your choice and get benefitted by it.

Editable Video Gallery

We cannot compare anything else with the audio visual presentation and we know its importance for any businessman and offered you the editable video gallery which will play a role of speaker for you.

Editable PDF Gallery

To make a projectable place for your documents like brochures, price list of your product certificates or anything that you think appropriate to present to your prospectus you can put here in PDF format.

Rewards & Recognitions

Achievements and recognitions show the difference between you and others, rather this is the real you & PROFILO acknowledge this by making a special space for it.

Memberships & Associations

Most of the times you are identified by the people you are associated with and being a member or being associated with any organization with repute is a really good thing to mention.

Monetary Transaction Details Sharing Facility

In this era of cashless transactions, payments through paper money are slowly becoming outdated. The Sparsh Profilois empowered with Monetary Transaction Details Sharing Facility options that allow your customers to have transactions through online payment services, just by clicking on the links.

GST Number Sharing Facility

Share your GST number very easily on a single click

Easy payment gateway connections

Sharing your payment gateway details and others mediums of monetary transactions is a matter of one click only.

Inquiry Form

It is a very simple yet important feature as it is a form where the prospects can fill it by mentioning their name, mail id, mobile no and message and it will be the initial communicator of the potential lead

Easy Connectivity to Social media

We are connected socially on various social platformsand now a day to have a strong social connect Profilo gives you an easy connectivity to all your social media platforms.

Easy Add to Contact Facility

Your recipients can add your contact information to their Phone without typing anything by using "Add to contact" feature. "Having your contact details in your customer's mobile device is a business opportunity!"

Smart Share Facility

With the help of Profilo we can share the URL link of Profilo to anybody without saving his/her number in our mobile and share the link directly to the person by typing only the number.

Share with QR code Facility

Whenever you meet people in person, you can always ask them to scan your ProfiloQR code, so that they can instantly access and store your contact information in their mobile device.

Business Reach Calculator

Every businessman needs to promote his business to the maximum number of potential customers and wants to know the reach of his business, now PROFILO will make these calculations for you through the Business reach calculator where the user will get the number of people to whom his “Profilo” has reached.

Easy accessible (Desktop Icon) card location

When we are trying to make everything this much easy, our card also should be placed at an easy accessible place and what is the more accessible place than the home screen of your mobile...Yes now get the icon of PROFILO on home screen of your mobile & share it more easily.

Notification on every shared PROFILO Link

Any change, offer or updates on your PROFILO you can communicate in your PROFILO network without bothering about it as PROFILO offers you a unique feature of notification on your every shared PROFILO Link.

All card copier

This is a feature where you get a card copier which scans any kind of business card data you want to store in your mobile and it will be saved at particular location so that finding the particular persons details will be a very easy task for you.

Connect to PROFILO Network

Through this facility you can connect to the PROFILO holders in particular area be it your or others and get benefitted by utilising this network connections.

Contact Us

The total contact details of the user including his / her all the official contact details and addresses can be mentioned in contact us.

Auto response after call

Every person who calls the user of the “Profilo” shall get an auto generated message as a response and it this message the users Profilo link also should be attached.

Connect to customized web links

User can add multiple web linksof his choice which he feels necessary to attach in “Profilo”

Esteemed Clients

The esteemed clients are the real brand ambassadors for any business and to mention and present such clients Profilo has the special space for it.